About Our Candles…

You get Ambiance and Aromatherapy: Our 11.65 oz. luxury soy aromatherapy candles have over 20 ml of pure essential oils, so they don’t just smell good before you light them… they smell good when you do! (Choose from 18 scents here.)

“As soon as I opened the box it was obvious this candle was different from any others. The crisp, pure scent of plants and spices — real plants and spices, not chemical perfumes — just came right up and all around me. Even weeks later the scent is still so fresh and authentic. It’s like walking through a garden. And there’s no heavy smoke or soot either… such a clean burn!”
–Dale Englefield, TX

Your Quest for Amazing Luxury Soy Candles is Over!

Each of our expertly handcrafted artisan candles is made from pure EcoSoya soy wax and 100% pure essential oils, and comes in a nicely printed box for gift giving. Each candle formula is wick-tested to ensure a full, complete, even, clean burn. Say goodbye forever to candles that tunnel burn! Say hello to your new favorite candles!

What are the Facts?

  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • 100% Pure EcoSoya PureSoy Wax
  • 100% Pure Botanical Ingredients
  • No Parafin Wax. No Animal Wax.
  • No Petroleum By-products
  • No Artificial Colorants or Additives
  • No Lead or Metal Core Wicks
  • No Synthetic Chemical Fragrances
  • Burns Clean. Wick Tested. 100% Burn.
  • 60 Hours Burn Time.
  • Beautifully Boxed. Great Gift!

What does that mean for You?

  • Choosing handcrafted artisan soy candles allows you to enjoy creating a mood in your space without worrying about what you are breathing into your body. You are free to indulge in the original fresh scents of your candles with perfect peace of mind.
  • Choosing a pure candle nourishes your world and your environment for yourself and loved ones. You can enjoy these candles without any concern about the effects of contributing to more chemical fragrances and petroleum byproducts being pumped into your environment.
  • You are choosing a quality product that supports true artisan crafters… You rock!
  • Light a candle, set a mood, relax, and claim the sanctuary of your personal space. Take a deep breath, it’s okay!